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Congressional/Special Prosecutor Inquiries

Documents which relate to inquiries on behalf of a Federal power into allegations & issues which are of interest to BankruptcyMisconduct readers. Many whistle-blower allegations have been buried by related parties to the misconduct, but continuing publication of the truth of government corruption and how persons within the government have been assisting organized crime in the form of long recognized bankruptcy rings has caused other governmental officials to take notice. We are presenting documents regarding inquiries by the Legislature, Congressional Committees, Academia, the OPR, the GAO, the FBI, or even the DOJ itself which we have not otherwise been forbidden to reveal. These documents may relate to the early stages of what may become more comprehensive, or specifically targetted investigations by a Federal Special Prosecutor.

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file icon GAO vs. the DOJhot!Tooltip 03/29/2009 Hits: 2850
 The DOJ is being investigated themselves.  Here is an initial example of the heretofore inconceivable process.  We are confident that there is much more to come.  Word to the wise, if you saw something you might want to get a quick letter out to the OPR so that you can cover your ass, keep your pension and healthcare, and chose a lover who is not also a cell mate.
BankruptcyMisconduct.com was established in conjunction with a groundswell of public reaction to the treasonous actions of the Judiciary and Law Enforcement as they partner with organized crime operating as BigLaw law firms seemingly "Above The Law".  The new rules on misconduct by Federal Judges, who previously decided, in writting bless their souls, that they were beyond the reach of any review, are a good first step.