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The law firm, Heiman Gouge & Kaufman, LLP ("Heiman") which was representing the whistle-blower in the eToys bankruptcy case needed the court's approval to stop representing the whistleblower and thus filed a motion to be relieved. This behavior is known as an ACPOC Syndrome Motion whereby a lawfirm seeks to abandon its client in order to avoid taking action which could bring punishment on an opposing attorney. The whistleblower filed this affidavit showing relevant facts unreported by Heiman in their motion, as well as an extraordinary letter from a different honorable lawer who would not let Heiman dance around its responsibility.

It has been alleged that certain government lawyers operating as official U.S. Trustees including Stapleton, DeAngelis, Kenney and Vara, all committed Perjury in the Third Circuit appeal, as they defended the right to give implied, blanket, immunity to the felony acts, by stating, Falsely, in their opposition that the appeal had no merits. (3rd Cir 07-2360). Voluminous postings on the internet further allege 1) that some of the government lawyers involved in the eToys scandal were formerly associated with some of the Biglaw law firms which Haas "the whistle-blower" accused of fraud upon the court when failing to disclose conflict of interest, and 2) that some of the government lawyers alleged to have failed to take approriate initial action were later sitting in administrative positions having authority to evaluate subsequent complaints as to their own prior conduct, and further did not recuse themselves or make public this self-policing conflict.