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41. Countdown
... Asst US Trustee, Frank Perch, put in a Motion to Disgorge TBF for $1.6 million. Mr. Perch stated in the Disgorge Motion, that the acts were by vastly experienced Bankruptcy Professionals, that the ...
42. Private Trustees
NewsFlash: Howard Stern has higher morals than bankruptcy professionals. The Department Of Justice will not hold Official Trustees to as high a standard as radio talk show hosts. Misconduct rampant ...
43. Goldman Sachs
... lied under oath. Yet some bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy professionals file blatantly false sworn statements in Federal Courts with impunity. Worse, their bold faced, and admitted, lying is in furtherance ...
44. "Books & Records" Fraud
There have been numerous cases of document fabrication in the claims resolution process, and the professionals who specialize in such work developed well tuned processes which enabled outrageous organized ...
45. Pillsbury Winthrop
... of fee applications against the assets of the estate which failed to disclose same (a/k/a conspiring with a Debtor's professionals to hide conflicts and defraud the Court and other parties in interest) ...
46. O'Brien's Dilemma
... quote from one of the sites which is covering the eToys Crimes. Such crimes involving professionals in Federal Bankruptcy Courts and their affiliates at the Office of the U.S. Trustee are just beginning ...
47. Baron's Stores
... blind eye to the submission of fraudulent documents in violation of the Rules and the Law for, what I believe to be, the protection of certain well connected professionals. This matter involves both ...
48. Soprano Suicide Deja Vu
... Asbestos cases and conveniently died as fraud by one or more of the mega case debtor estate professionals began to surface, most certainly died an unnatural death. As if Loreto could have engaged in wholesale ...
49. WebSci & the coming backlash
... just by looking at every case where GE (or any client) had been represented by one of the Debtor's professionals. If the lawyer wasn't removed from the case so that every possible issue concerning the ...
50. Gems from Blogosphere
... lawyers and professionals of the eToys case did not merely escaped mandatory criminal referral by the U.S. Trustee. The criminal parties were gifted a purported “settlement” by the U.S. Trustee absolving ...
51. Most Popular
... documents directly from our Documents section where they are organized by category. Do you have documents which expose misconduct or fraud done by or with the support of attorneys, bankruptcy professionals, ...
52. Fraud & Abuse
... Hyman hired professionals under a General Retainer Agreement and paid them under a Contingency Agreement including pre-petition costs. - Judge Hyman waived the requirement of Bankruptcy Rule 2016.  ...
53. Roberta DeAngelis
... formating differs from the original document. Ms. DeAngelis describes quite accurately the burden of mandatory disclosure by professionals working for a bankruptcy estate. The disclosure necessarily ...
54. Spitzer's Dilemma
... in which the lawyer attempted to thwart Next Factors' instigation of an examination of conflict of interest issues related to the bankruptcy professionals in the Worldcom case and corresponding disparity ...
55. Cases
... partners are often the same "bankruptcy professionals" and we believe that it is only a matter of time before someone connects the conflict of interest related to these bankruptcy cases: Stage Stores ...
56. Marcia Goldstein
... MCI/Worldcom case when she must know the real world is so different, for some. Surprise of surprises, we find that the modus operandi employed by bankruptcy professionals when "certain" hedge funds and ...
57. People
... mandates related to the integrity of the bankruptcy process as well as applicable rules of professional and judicial conduct. Practices of various professionals involved in the bankruptcy process which ...
58. The SEC
The Securities And Exchange Commission (the "SEC") is an agency of the United States federal government that holds responsibility for enforcing the federal securities laws and regulating the professionals ...
59. Linda Chatman Thomsen
... to the choir today because, as compliance professionals, you are in many ways our partners in protecting investors. After I agreed to speak to you today, I happened to glance at the program for this conference, ...
60. eToys Conflict
... Corporate Malfeasance The decades of non existent enforcement by the DOJ against bankruptcy professionals (a/k/a law firm protectionism), particularly in the large corporate frauds landing in our bankruptcy ...
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