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61. Preet Bharara
... the SEC). You see, a lawyer working for the Feds "only" makes something over $100K. A partner at a big law firm makes a cool $2 Million to $4 Million a year, not including money made through "blind trusts" ...
62. CA Atty Self Regulation
... delivered to the California State Bar. The failure to disclose enabled the conflicted law firm to earn fees of over $1 Million in violation of Title 11 U.S.C. § 327(a). Subsequently, it was determined ...
63. Countdown
... Asst US Trustee, Frank Perch, put in a Motion to Disgorge TBF for $1.6 million. Mr. Perch stated in the Disgorge Motion, that the acts were by vastly experienced Bankruptcy Professionals, that the ...
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