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61. EthicsGate
... firms still holding too much power over you?   If you really are that hamstrung, at least you should publicly ask Obama to push for a Federal Special Prosecutor to clean up the dirty New York lawyer ethics ...
62. ONDOVA - Withdrawal
ONDOVA LIMITED COMPANY What we have here is a Motion To Withdraw, a lawyer asking the Judge for permission to Quit.  But it doesn't take a Shakespearean Scholar to see some seriously evil treachery afoot. Sometimes, ...
...  Pages re: Ondova The Withdrawal Motion is analyzed by BankruptcyMisconduct. Free Downloads re: Ondova The victim's lawyers smells foul play, and files a brazen Withdrawal Motion   The ...
64. Menendez CNN Lies
... corruption in the portion of the DOJ that held lawyers seeking jobs in the private sector? All of those government lawyers making barely over $100K per year in the office of the U.S. Trustee - not so ...
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