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41. Most Popular
... DOJhot! 03/29/2009 Hits: 82 The DOJ gave an illegal grant of immunity to certain lawyers in the eToys bankruptcy case as described in detail by Laser Haas. Download View ...
42. Fraud & Abuse
... 403, Falls Church, VA 22044 E-Mail: cdp@nhf.org Website: http://www.cdprograms.org/ 1 comments: Laserhaas said... Everyone deeply appreciates efforts to halt the mindset of "nolle prosequi" ...
43. eToys & Mukasey
... tall against corruption.                             Testified to you this day                             “Under penalty of perjury”                              Steven Haas (a/k/a Laser)        ...
44. eToys Conflict
... they received. According to Mr. Laser Haas, a court appointed professional involved with the liquidation of eToys, the conflict of interest issues are more serious and involve much more money than ...
45. eToys Christmas Party
(Uncategorised Content)
... the garbage carting and fish market businesses combined. Laser Haas is the Energizer Bunny of U.S. Trustee corruption. I couldn't help but notice the timing of the Holiday season with respect to the ...
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