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Shock!  Peck's Lehman case colored by fraud?
Details for Shock! Peck's Lehman case colored by fraud?
NameShock! Peck's Lehman case colored by fraud?

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. case number 08-13555 USBC, SDNY became the largest bankruptcy case every in U.S. history. What are the chances that criminals in lawyer suits would try to steal something?

Does anybody really know what bankruptcy fraud is?
Does anybody really care?

Read about the "undisclosed $5 Billion discount" to favor Barclays, "Lehman's lawyers are never told about the discount", "Lehman's boards are told that the deals is a wash and approve a transaction on that basis", "Deliberate Understatement Of Assets", "the Inflation of Assumed Liabilities", "The Distortions ... Were Embedded in the Transaction Presented To The Court", "Undisclosed Deal Modifications".

Download JudgePeck-LehmanSale.pdf for free from BankruptcyMisconduct.com

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