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Fake Stats make Real Panic & Profits
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NameFake Stats make Real Panic & Profits

What do we call a video on youTube which gets lots of play? It's a "viral Video". What do we call so-called 'guidance' by the Federal government which directs doctors to specify a Cause Of Death based upon "local trends"? Homosapien say 'self fulfilling prophesy' or perhaps 'risk multiplier' or 'Pandemic Booster'?

Forgive us our audacity, but isn't a Cause Of Death (COD) only supposed to be based upon what killed the specific person who died? Since when does a 'viral trend" - like what humans and other animals do in a stampede, birds flying together to escape a preditor, or fish swimming in a bait ball to get eaten by predators - have anything to do with tracking a viral pandemic?

Doctors are under pressure to support the desire (on the part of sick/greedy Feds) that Covid-19 numbers are as big as possible.

Every wonder why we haven't seen any "normal deaths per day" numbers? All we get is the "Covid-19 deaths per day". Well, the average American is under the impression that people are dying in the USA at a rate equal to what used to be 'normal' PLUS the daily shouted Covid-19 death numbers.

So what's the total? If we are able to have exact numbers of CoronaVirus deaths each day, why can't they tell us the total number of deaths each day? So we can compare the total number of deaths in say March, April for the last 10 years to this March & April. And we'll also be able to see if the so-called Covid19 death numbers have any contemporaneous data of lower deaths from other (less incentivized) causes.

Perhaps these dubious statistics are hiding that Covid-19 is evidently doing more to cure an assortment of age related maladies than #BigPharma ever did?


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