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Detroit Bait & Switch - Fake Retiree Ctee
Details for Detroit Bait & Switch - Fake Retiree Ctee
NameDetroit Bait & Switch - Fake Retiree Ctee

As sneaky as Jones Day and their mole Kevyn Orr may be, their tracks are easy to follow indeed.  They pretend to want to set up a genuine committee of Retirees with their motion filed 7/19/2013 at docket #0020.  Then they wait for the poor shmo's to respond to that motion.  Then the real motion to appoint the retiree committee is filed on 8/1/2013 at docket #0254 but this motion provides for the retirees to be hamstrung from the get go.

You've got to love how they announce the switch "Notice of Proposed Form of Order in Respect of Motion".

Download the switched form of order Detroit_0254_Proposed_Order_Appointment_Retiree_Ctee_Hamstrung.pdf for free from BankruptcyMisconduct

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