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Laser Spanks Judith C. Appelbaum for her Delusive Fudge Fest
Details for Laser Spanks Judith C. Appelbaum for her Delusive Fudge Fest
NameLaser Spanks Judith C. Appelbaum for her Delusive Fudge Fest

"There is no cannibalism in the British Royal Navy" claims Judith Appelbaum.  Yet another government lawyer with the effrontery to deny the systemic failure of the DOJ to prosecute the largest form of organized crime (and coincidentally the employer of highest paid DOJ alumnae and their relatives) - our corrupt financial institutions taking advantage of our corrupt legal system.

Leave it to Laser Haas to put Lady Judith in her place.  This letter is jam packed with juicy lines like:

 It is vexes me greatly, how our “Department” takes an entire month to contrive a boasting about inadequacies and stipulates that it is doing a good job; when other eToys victims and I are being Intimidated and Retaliated upon, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1512 & 1513.  In no small part, due to the “Department” duplicity (via rogue factions within [e.g. DeAngelis, Kenney, Colm F Connolly]).

This fantastic retort to the Fudge Fest also known as Appelbaum's Delusion is available as a free download here on BankruptcyMisconduct.

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