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Hey Judge - You're Corrupt So Let Me Withdraw As Counsel
Details for Hey Judge - You're Corrupt So Let Me Withdraw As Counsel
NameHey Judge - You're Corrupt So Let Me Withdraw As Counsel

BankruptcyMisconduct doesn't begrude Stephen R. Cochell of
The Cochell Law Firm his desire to withdraw.  Usually when we see a lawyer high tail it in a bankruptcy case, our first impulse is to suspect ACPOC Syndrome.  Well sadly, in this instance, the dirty judge is just so far over the line of decency that Cochell claims he has no recourse.  We wonder if Cochell has fulfilled his Texas bar association requirements on this, or if the U.S. Trustee has obiged her responsibilities including under 18 U.S.C. § 3057

But let's applaud Stephen for making things so clear in writing.  He had to be very brave to put the truth in writing.

With the higher visibility that this site has obtained with the House, Senate, FBI, and DOJ - maybe ONDOVA will be the case which ushers in the Federal Special Prosecutor to start the much needed catharsis.

Download for free ONDOVA_motion_to_withdraw_of_counsel_in_TEXAS_Baron_case.pdf

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