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Demise Wish

This download section has documents that either presage, coincide, celebrate, instigate, or review a potential, anticipated, or actual demise of a law firm or lawyer(s). Sometimes abbreviated as #DemiseWish.

BankruptcyMisconduct can offer no assurance as to the timing of any demise, neither does the exclusion of any document related to, or failure to mention, any particular firm confer our endorsement or prediction of continuing existence.  Generally, the theme is always "They did it to themselves".  Even the high "Honor Among Thieves" has limits - as when a crooked Lawyer flies too close to the sun:

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Well, here's an interesting little letter...

Perhaps Judge Engoron should do like MoFo's Larren Nashelsky does ask Barbra Streisand for some advice on the Streisand Effect.  To be sure, Artie ain't want nobody noticin' Big Al's unsightly binging in the New York City Trough of Democrat Corruption.

But gagging' a retweet?

And who is this "Big Al" anyway?  And just how big is they?  Well Allison R. Greenfield is pretty darn big, indeed.  In fact, she's got a big website here.

Thing is, Brock Fredin does not seem to be anybody's fool.

Crooked Judicial Officers of the Court believe themselves AboveTheLaw and Ethics Regulations and Judicial Cannons

photo courtesy of www.attorneyallisongreenfield.com

Judge Bennett, District Court Judge in the NORTHERN DISTRICT OF IOWA had quite a sanctions order in re: THE SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OF

Something is rotten, but contrary to Marcellus’s suggestion to Horatio, it’s not in Denmark. 1 Rather, it’s in discovery in modern federal civil litigation right here in the nited States. Over two decades ago, Griffin Bell—a former United States Attorney General, United States appeals court judge, and private practitioner—observed: “The criticism of the civil justice system has reached a crescendo in recent years. Because much of the cost of litigation is incurred in discovery, the discovery process has been the focal point of considerable criticism.” How little things have changed.

Judge Bennett is so close, yet so far.  The problem with Discovery is the opportunity of discovery.  Judge Bennett suffers from Naive Legal System Observation Syndrome.  That is, Bennett thinks that lawyers and the system exist to resolve disputes.  False: the system of lawyers, by lawyers, is for lawyers.  Discovery is the opportunity to be abused at all costs.  Discovery is the money maker.  Hey, why not read the BankruptcyMisconduct page on the Kasowitz Fee Padding scandal?

Download Jones_Day_ORDER_REGARDING_SANCTIONS.pdf for free from BankruptcyMisconduct

 And order in the Bingham McDateRape McCuthchen saga.

Did a BigLaw culture of bending the rules affect intra firm relations at a Holiday Party?  BankruptcyMisconduct has never heard of anyone getting slipped a Mickey at a Kwaanza party, but #WhatDoWeKnow about #DateRape and #feminism anyhow?

Download Bingham_ McCutchen-McDateRape_Decision_Order_Motions_to_Strike-Fahey11-23-10.pdf for free.
The fish stinks from the head down.   What ethics and morals exist at a lawfirm specializing in bankruptcy law when more than one of their female junior associate attorneys is given a date-rape drug at an official firm outing?  How many actual rapes must occur before Bingham McCutchen either investigates themselves, or reports the pattern of illegality to the police?  Would you want such a firm representing any issue on your behalf?  What corporate executive or committee member wants to risk having his/her professional career forever linked with the Bingham McCutchen name, particularly if a date rape drug is used at an event associated with a retained matter?  Jimmy Buffett sang "I don't know where I'm a gonna go when the Volcano blows".