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Stone & Webster

Stone & Webster was a once proud engineering firm from Boston.

At least as early as 1996, the firm believed that corruption was a worthwhile route towards winning large engineering and construction contracts. To be sure, Stone & Webster did complete many seemingly impressive projects from nuclear power plants, infrastructure at MIT, and a helicopter pad in the back yard of Dick Cheney. But the Mafia has always done a nice job at garbage hauling and keeping certain neighborhoods safe for honest citizens, when their arguably reasonable fees are paid.

It is no accident that BankruptcyMisconduct mentions "Organized Crime" so early in our coverage of Stone & Webster. You see, Stone & Webster is organized crime. And if you disagree with our analysis: as we post supporting documents here, simply register on our forum and share your opinion.

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Genesis Chapter 1

YACC - it ain't just another MIT construction.  

BankruptcyMisconduct is excited to now host the first in our coming series of free downloads regarding the Stone & Webster criminal enterprise.  As usual, we are pointing our fingers at both pre and post petition crime.

But this is not just Yet Another Corruption Caper.  This one is special, this one will feature a judge who crawls under a rock after a lawyer impugns his integrity.  (In writting!)  This Caper includes Corporate America's complicity in establishing, supporting, and profiting upon Corruption within other nations.  Yes, profit by harming foreign citizens as they in turn suffer the corruption of their own ruling elite enriching themselves.  

Readers will have the opportunity to wiff many a wave which flows past the illicitly pulsating junction between rampant post petition bankruptcy fraud and U.S. Trustee neo-enforcement.  Surely, Smelly  Kelly B. Stapleton shall be revealed with her prominent and unpleasant contribution.

Perhaps most importantly, the transparently overt hypocrisy by which Joe Biden's (and his son's) corrupt Delaware "Justice For Sale" legal industry will be exposed over and over.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get a comfy chair and brush up on your ABA Model Rules.  We hope to have our reader forum open soon so that your analysis and opinion can join with ours as these Stone & Webster documents are revealed.  The following line authored by Robert B. Cartwright reeks of such self serving understatement that even Bill Clinton would blush at its dishonorable exposure:

That is not to say, however, that three is any definitive rule on what constitutes timely withdrawal from what otherwise may constitute the Company's participation in a conspiracy.