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The Judicial Conference of the United States gets it right, finds numerous ethical and criminal violations by Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous including Bankruptcy Fraud. BankruptcyMisconduct calls this a good start, but hopes that fellow judges don't protect this treasonous pig.  Martha Stewart and rapper Li'l Kim did serious jail time for much less serious obstruction and perjury.  Let's throw the book at him, and have the government pursue a RICO case against all the lawyers who paid him bribes as well as their clients.  The opposing parties need an opportunity to recover as well.  Enough band aid corruption fighting, we need full cathartic elimination and cleansing and full restitution to victims of judicial and prosecutorial corruption.

The Judicial Canons govern the conduct of every federal judge.  This includes federal bankruptcy judges.

Retrieved from http://www.uscourts.gov/rulesandpolicies/CodesOfConduct.aspx

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Here we go again!  Can't stop the rocket...

UNITED  STATES  OF AMERICA,  Plaintiff,  -Against-

MARC  DREIER,  Defendant.    Case  No.  09-cr-085  (JSR)


The  Relkin  Law  Firm,  by  David  H.  Relkin,  Esq.,  hereby  appears  as  counsel  for  whisdeblower 1  Steven  ("Laser")  Haas  and  Collateral  Logistics,  Inc.  ("CLI"),  where  CLI  was  the  Court-approved  liquidation  consultant  in  the  eToys,  Inc.,  Bankruptcy  Case/  ("eToys");  wherein  Laser  informed  the  Court,  and  the  United  States  Trustee's  motion 3  to  disgorge  (the  "Disgorge  Motion")  corroborated  issues  of  bankruptcy  fraud  and  intentional  fraud  on  the  court  by  Paul  Traub's  law  firm  of  Traub  Bonacquist  &  Fox  ("TBF") 4 ,  and  an  Order  was  entered  disgorging  fees  from  TBF,  after  some  of  TBF's  admitted,  deliberate  failures  to  disclose  conflicts  of  interests  resulted  in  sanctions  against  TBF. 

Where There is Smoke, There is Fire

So, we are supposed to believe that there was only just a little bit of human kidney selling going on.  We are supposed to believe that the Bankruptcy Ring with players in New York and New Jersey admitted 10 years of human kidney trading, but that there are no area hospitals involved in the illegal transplants, that there wasn't a single crime of insurance fraud ...

You think rich people would pay for an entire operation with their own money after they just paid six figures for the kidney?

 ... that there wasn't a single surgeon or operating room staff suspicious about the Playmate Cooler that arrived from the Middle or Far East, that there wasn't a single lawyer helping the crime ring to dot their eyes and cross their Tees.

Yeah right.  Well, at least Ralph J. Marra Jr., Acting U.S. Attorney, never got the memo about how the "Justice" game is played for the benefit of the neo-mafia.  Perhaps the title "Acting U.S. Attorney" should have been the tip off for our understanding, as if Marra skipped his orientation training.

Stay tuned at BankruptcyMIsconduct because we are not afraid to point fingers at the really ugly people involved, failing to do their official duties as prosecutors, or otherwise just plain ugly.

The DOJ responds to Sherrod Brown, Chairman of the SubCommittee of Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection regarding the criminal prosecution (or lack thereof!) of large financial institutions.

This letter more than the usual "blah blah" nonsense with nothing concrete, half excuses, and a failure to admit the horrid record of protecting the big crooks involved in our current national financial crisis.

This letter is more, because has become the "entry vehicle" for a letter from a whistleblower, which is on point to the failures to prosecute.  A case where DOJ lawyers blatantly admitted cover-up of crime by one of the most powerful hedge fund / politicians in our nations history.

Very OMG, baby!

We'll have a lot more to say on this.

Why is it that #ConflictFraud is allowed to enrich dirty #HedgeFund Managers and their False Affidavit filing dirty lawyers?  This is for crimes involving from hundreds of Millions of dollars into the Billions of dollars.

But when a #Woman is alleged to have made a false statement involving far less than a million dollars, only a fraction, the #DOJ feels it must prosecute?

Criminal referral by court appointed liquidator to U.S. Attorney Thomas P. O'Brien as against multiple parties including:
  • U.S. Attorney Colm F. Connolly
  • Traub, Bonacquist & Fox, L.L.P.
  • Dreier LLP
  • Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell

  •  Guilty on all Counts

    So many similarities between this guy and Eliot Spitzer.  Why was Bergrin prosecuted when Spitzer's dealings with money laundering and prostitution rings are ignored?

    Download Bergin_Former_US_Attorney_Guilty_of_Murder_Prostitution_RICO.jpg for free on BankruptcyMisconduct.com

    Yawn... yeah, yeah, we know. Another lawyer is caught "failing to disclose a conflict". Actually, that phrase is lawyer talk for the simpler and more accurate phrase - a fraud upon the Court.

    Do read this order, it's amazing for how clearly Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez is able to both discern bankruptcy misconduct and also articulate clearly most of the many transgressions established by his facts whilst citing an abundance of case law.  It is almost as if some new unbridled intern wrote the paper thinking it was for a law school class.  Sans any real world sense of finesse or convention.  One can only wonder why in this particular case, the Court sees the issues so clearly as between Black and white, when gray so often defines the muddied muck in which Mega Case bankruptcy law firms and their complicit brother lawyers on official Committees and at the U.S. Trustee pooh pooh conflict of interest.  More on this later?

    Be that as it may, how is Artie G. able to find such facts as support his order without making mandatory referrals regarding the lawyers involved, including the U.S. Trustee? Readers of Bankruptcy Misconduct may recognize Judge Gonzalez as the presiding judge in the WorldCom bankruptcy who heard a lawyer admit to advising his client that death threats where legal in a bankruptcy context.

    "The fish stinks from the head down"
    - Arthur "Artie" Bucco, Jr.


    This document is available at the USBC SDNY at the courthouse or on PACER under Source Enterprises, Inc., et al.  06-11707(AJG) or on BankruptcyMisconduct under filename 041508gonzalez_USTrustee_conspires_in_fraud_on_the_Court.pdf




    Anthanassios Katsioulas and the Board of Directors of Ammocore Technology, Inc. object to the Trustee’s Motion to Settle Adversary Proceeding with Cadence Design Systems et al.  We hope to get exhibits to this motion.  There are reports that the BigLaw firm MNAT, famous for their involvement with eToys bankruptcy case, was representing the outside public firm which allegedly exerted de facto control over AmmoCore causing its bankruptcy filing and acquiring certain of its assets.
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