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Morrison Foerster new corporate logo

The firm currently known as Morrison Foerster, or MoFo for short, is rebranding itself as Misogyny Foerster


The firms chair Larren Nashelsky hopes that the change will increase name recognition among the Nations top corporate executives, and will cut down on nuisance lawsuits from certain of their own employees. (Evidently, women lawyers at the firm who gave birth have been suing the firm for discrimination)

This is the Amended Complaint in the lawsuit against Morrison Foerster wherein a number of female attorneys currently and/or formerly employed at the firm allege a number of discriminatory practices such that once a woman gives birth, there prospects are the firm are substantially diminished.

Download a copy of the amended complaint free here on BankruptcyMisconduct.com

Morrison Foerster sued by a number of female lawyers of the firm, who allege discriminatory policies against women after they give birth.

Download a copy of the "Mommy-Suit" complaint free here on BankruptcyMisconduct.com

While not a bankruptcy case, at least just yet, this is quite an example of #ConflictOfInterest causing Lawyers to lie to their clients and favor an adverse party.

This is going to be quite a doozy of a lawsuit, if our Corrupt courts don't pull out the stops to just make this one "Go Away" somehow

Case 0:16-cv-61511-WJZ


Anyone involved in bankruptcy investing knows of small players in #ClaimsTrading

Just like the #HedgeFunds only smaller

Indeed, very similar in more ways than one.  In fact, #ConflictFraud - an incontrovertible Fraud Upon The Court, is likely more pervasive and discoverable due to the use by some big dogs of surrogates.

By the way, #HedgeCrimesMatter and it's just a matter of time before #ConflictFraud goes front burner!

We'll have a lot more to say on this.

Why is it that #ConflictFraud is allowed to enrich dirty #HedgeFund Managers and their False Affidavit filing dirty lawyers?  This is for crimes involving from hundreds of Millions of dollars into the Billions of dollars.

But when a #Woman is alleged to have made a false statement involving far less than a million dollars, only a fraction, the #DOJ feels it must prosecute?

file icon Dreier Corrected NAPTooltip 12/11/2015 Hits: 1

Here we go again!  Can't stop the rocket...

UNITED  STATES  OF AMERICA,  Plaintiff,  -Against-

MARC  DREIER,  Defendant.    Case  No.  09-cr-085  (JSR)


The  Relkin  Law  Firm,  by  David  H.  Relkin,  Esq.,  hereby  appears  as  counsel  for  whisdeblower 1  Steven  ("Laser")  Haas  and  Collateral  Logistics,  Inc.  ("CLI"),  where  CLI  was  the  Court-approved  liquidation  consultant  in  the  eToys,  Inc.,  Bankruptcy  Case/  ("eToys");  wherein  Laser  informed  the  Court,  and  the  United  States  Trustee's  motion 3  to  disgorge  (the  "Disgorge  Motion")  corroborated  issues  of  bankruptcy  fraud  and  intentional  fraud  on  the  court  by  Paul  Traub's  law  firm  of  Traub  Bonacquist  &  Fox  ("TBF") 4 ,  and  an  Order  was  entered  disgorging  fees  from  TBF,  after  some  of  TBF's  admitted,  deliberate  failures  to  disclose  conflicts  of  interests  resulted  in  sanctions  against  TBF. 

In the United States Court of Federal Claims

No. 08-700C
Filed: December 1, 2014

  • The record reveals at least two instances of conduct by defendant?s counsel that, in the court?s view, provide indication that fraud on the court has occurred here.
  • This matter has since been referred to the Office of  Professional Responsibility (OPR) at the Justice Department.
  • The record indicates that there is much more involved here than a simple misstatement of act, a fraudulent filing, or a failure to advise the court of a critical fact.

Francis M. Allegra

 Guilty on all Counts

So many similarities between this guy and Eliot Spitzer.  Why was Bergrin prosecuted when Spitzer's dealings with money laundering and prostitution rings are ignored?

Download Bergin_Former_US_Attorney_Guilty_of_Murder_Prostitution_RICO.jpg for free on BankruptcyMisconduct.com

“Racketeering activity,” as defined by the RICO statute, includes any acts that
involve or that may be charged as any of a wide range of crimes under state or federal

(Conspiracy to Murder a Witness)

Yes people, this is the real deal.  A former State and Federal prosecutor here.  A former U.S. Army Ranger.  What is missing from this story?  ...

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