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#BankruptcyMisconduct is pondering a page on #CherylMills / #HillaryClinton because their mushrooming legal predicament parallels the #DiscoveryFraud so often seen by dirty #HedgeFunds and their #CrookedLawyers. ...
2. Motion to Disqualify Trustee
3. Motion for Recusal of Judge Brendan Shannon
We are truly sorry this was not teed up for Saint Patrick's Day You know how those Irish Mafia are... Illegal Immigrants most of them are... first destroying our police departments, and now the Judiciary ...
...  in New York and New Jersey admitted 10 years of human kidney trading, but that there are no area hospitals involved in the illegal transplants, that there wasn't a single crime of insurance fraud .. ...
... are the rest of the Executive Committee of Dewey LeBoeuf who must have known about many of the frauds, and in particular the outside Finance, Banking, Accounting, and Legal professionals who had knowledge ...
8. Judge, please hide this!
(Download:Bharara's Pretender Legacy)
9. Laser's Pithy Retort to DOJ's Acting AGC
(Download:Haas RICO smackdown vs. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Traub)
... th Smelly Kelly ... wouldn't you? Download these three pages of billowing smoke, and see for yourself that non-medical marijuanna is evidently legal within the war rooms of the EOUST. Come on baby, s ...
...  organized crime (and coincidentally the employer of highest paid DOJ alumnae and their relatives) - our corrupt financial institutions taking advantage of our corrupt legal system. Leave it to Lase ...
... s at Dewey LeBoeuf here, and on our (coming soon) page focusing on the law firm's own legal troubles. You can download this lawsuit Dewey_LeBoeuf_v_Dumay-Labor_Violations_Class_Action_Complaint.pdf f ...
13. Rumors on "Legal Blogs" acknowledged
(Download:Dewey LeBoeuf)
14. Baker & McKenzie pen the "Bribe Memo"
(Download:Stone & Webster)
... ibution. Perhaps most importantly, the transparently overt hypocrisy by which Joe Biden's (and his son's) corrupt Delaware "Justice For Sale" legal industry will be exposed over and over. Ladies and G ...
... find a partner of Duane Morris caught first with his pants down in his repeated disloyal attempts to aid his associates in their legal matters against the Post Office, and then lying about it during the ...
17. The BitchSlapper's Police Report
(Download:James M. Peck)
18. CABAURHBD Chart 3
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
19. CABAURHBD Chart 1
(Download:HBD, Oaktree Capital, & Aureal)
... state of Aureal Inc. thus paid for the disallowed claim owned by Argo, plus all of the legal fees of HBD as they obtained the disallowance of the claim, and then paid even more: once HBD learned th ...
... tcy who heard a lawyer admit to advising his client that death threats where legal in a bankruptcy context. "The fish stinks from the head down" - Arthur "Artie" Bucco, Jr.   This docu ...
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