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41. Spitzer Family Values
... are mysteriously lifted and the property soars in value? How did Bernie Spitzer (father of recently outed organized crime participant, and former NY Attorney General and Governor Eliot Spitzer) immigrate ...
42. Gems from Blogosphere
43. Bed Sheets, Kleenex & Hookers
... Eliot Spitzer. Maybe, just maybe, the general public will wake up to the fact that organized crime has hijacked our Federal Bankruptcy Court system as they cleanse the misdeeds of criminals and divert ...
44. Lou "Big Daddy" Posner
... Update 2011 ************* "Ding Dong" the Pimp is Disbarred Oh my goodness, a lawyer is actually disbarred for his involvement in a prostitution ring. Maybe, just maybe Eliot Spitzer will have his own ...
45. Most Popular
... " creditors who have never otherwise paid any of these lawyers any money. And while the special prosecutor is investigating, maybe he can figure out why Eliot Spitzer refused to allow New York State  ...
46. Spitzer's Dilemma
Spitzer's Dilemma: "Eliot Snoozer" 11-02-2006 Lawyer Practicing in New York Admits Advising That Death Threats Are Legal; Eliot Spitzer Snoozes According to bankruptcyMisconduct.com ...
47. Cases
48. Marcia Goldstein
49. Document Fabrication
(Uncategorised Content)
... he crimes. Death threats are made against whistle-blowers in bankruptcy cases, and the notified parties including the DOJ and Eliot Spitzer refuses to investigate or proscute the matter of a death thr ...
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