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41. Andrew Cuomo
... s simple fact, there can be no rational argument which disputes Spitzer's direct linkage with organized crime while he held prosecutorial discretion. How many criminal complaints did Eliot Spitzer ...
42. Minnesota Half Step
... @whitehouse.gov>; President White House <president@whitehouse.gov>; Dept of Justice Complaint Division <AskDOJ@usdoj.gov> Sent: Sat, May 29, 2010 11:12:36 AM Subject:  ...
43. Lehman Brothers
... despite 10+ investigations and numerous complaint letters, perhaps it is understandable if we let one BigLaw bankruptcy industry lawfirm do the report evaluating people and institutions who represent a ...
44. Judge Paul G. Hyman
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
45. Paul G. Hyman
... or honesty of nearly all of your pedestalled academics. But don't take our word for it, go to our free Downloads section and read the complaint about this bozo and see if you still have faith in our justice ...
46. Preet Bharara
47. CA Atty Self Regulation
... inal Complaint and the Revised Complaint previously delivered to the California State Bar. The failure to disclose enabled the conflicted law firm to earn fees of over $1 Million in violation of  ...
48. Countdown
... 3771 and 18 USC 3057(a) complaint with the US Attorney's office ( here ) The response to those complaints, designed by protocol, was to occur within 8 to 12 weeks. When we did not receive any response ...
49. Robert S. Mueller
... do we start? We've been pestered by a Michael Moore wannabe about making a documentary. So we might have someone deliver a complaint (or two) by hand to Mr. Mueller's office, with a camera rolling ...
50. O'Brien's Dilemma
...  a written complaint by the whistle-blower to the eToys fraud involving BigLaw law firms and alleged cover up by lawyers affiliated with the wrongdoers working at the Department Of Justice. In a bol ...
51. Priceless Quotes
... known, there must be no one with grounds for complaint." Gloria Cannon, Esq. f/k/a Gloria Noh, Esq. Priceless quote: "Companies often use outside counsel for the "sexy" or complicated deals and ...
52. GAO vs. DOJ
... ;; Dept of Justice Complaint Division <AskDOJ@usdoj.gov>; Robert Mueller Director FBI <robert.mueller@fbi.gov>; Citizens for Legal Responsibility (CLR) <clr@clr.org>; public@nytimes.c ...
53. FBI raids DOJ
... its mission,'' said Debra Katz, an employment lawyer representing the Special Counsel employees who filed the 2005 complaint. ''President Bush needs to just tell this man that he needs to resign. There ...
54. Baron's Stores
55. WebSci & the coming backlash
... he was a trustee. Just so you know... I wrote to Kelly Stapleton about it. She told me that because my complaint is handled by the EOUST, in D.C., she would not be looking into it. I also wrote to Roberta ...
56. Fed vs DOJ
...  ( here ), after receiving formal complaints about Dept of Justice personnel Ethics viol ...
57. Gems from Blogosphere
58. Lou "Big Daddy" Posner
... bar membership put 'in play'. Hmmm... Hasn't Andrew Cuomo, having been both a member of the bar as well as New York State's most senior law enforcement official, had an obligation to file a complaint ...
59. Most Popular
...  Details Category: Judge Paul G. Hyman Judicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman by Mary Alice Gwynnhot! 10/27/2009 Hits: 73 This is the Judicial Complaint ...
60. Fraud & Abuse
... ce. The failures of Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. raised in the Judicial Complaint against him: - Judge Hyman violated the Bankruptcy Code and Ban ...
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