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21. Self Regulation
... accused lawyers from negative publicity as well as the oversight that citizens and the media would normally hold against public and private officials. Attorney Self Regulation: Contributing Cause of the ...
22. Preet's Pungent Pretermission
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... and even docile, when reporting on corruption or incompetence involving government officials. This is particularly true when the context is non-partisan, if there is no 'political story' there is ...
23. Color Of Law
... several factors are combining to portend a groundswell of appropriate criminal efforts against these corrupt officials.  These include heightened awareness of misconduct issues involving public officers ...
24. Bankruptcy Pimp Disbarred
... service and probation. While we admit that the "higher standard" myth about lawyers is a well known joke, we can barely imagine the dirt on public officials that Posner traded for his freedom. We can ...
25. Prosecutorial Discretion
...  government can be unjustly applied, or withheld, to benefit the relations of corrupt officials.  These wrongfully benefited relations may be defined by race, organized crime affiliation, or the mere ...
26. Honest Services Fraud
... another of the intangible right of honest services." There is a mechanism in place now that will enable tax payers to demand that our public officials are held accountable for doing their jobs! When ...
27. Andrew Cuomo
Update Winter 2021 So now we're seeing Andrew Cuomo in all his glory as an agent of Organized Crime, protecting rapists & pedophiles, corrupt public officials and money laundering operators is also a ...
28. Federal Dissent
John Ashcroft sets the Standard for Federal Justice Lawyers to Stand Up Against Internal Corruption A growing number of federal officials, former DOJ employees, and current and former federal bankruptcy ...
29. Catharsis Burgeoning
... want's to explain this in simple terms. Yes, this is the start of something new. Lawyers who tacitly supported corrupt officials are now getting punished! For decades our economy has been harnessed ...
30. Paul Bergrin
... Spitzer connection to Paul Bergrin, Esq. Intellegent people like to connect-the-dots. Sometimes DOJ officials are intellegent and willing to connect-the-dots among organized crime families, like the ...
31. New Jersey Neo-Mafia Crime Family
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... along with many other officials and clergy. Rabbis engaged in money laundering and / or illicit sales of human organs reportedly originating from Israel include Saul Kassin, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, and ...
32. U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
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... Justice Department dealt with more than 1,000 federal prosecutions of corrupt officials" " I remain convinced that there is no more important area in the fight against corruption than the challenge ...
33. Tri-State Crime Family
... endeavors. That Corruption exists with the help and bribery of public officials. That these crime family members are cutting their own deals and rating out their brethren. Organized Crime was ...
34. Issues
... . Bribes are paid to many public officials and corrupt persons in private practice. Another form of bribe is getting paid to look the other way. Mega Case bankruptcy law firms routinely go out of ...
35. James M. Peck
... with "day jobs" as government regulators and judges. There is serious money in the business of law, so we shouldn't be too surprised at the treasonous conduct by some of these public officials. Consider ...
36. Countdown
This is the Countdown To Ecstasy The following eMail is one of a number of everlasting and eternal connections tying public officials into the tangled web of corruption. The treacherous members of ...
37. Spitzer & the Neo-Mafia
... be connected with corruption of government officials. The great surprise which the media, pundits, and politicians should be talking about: Eliot Spitzer was in bed with organized crime  ...
38. U.S. AG John Ashcroft
... than 1,000 federal prosecutions of corrupt officials" U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft " I remain convinced that there is no more important area in the fight against corruption than the ...
39. Kelly Beaudin Stapleton
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...  Again, we wish to thank the contributions from parties, attorneys, officials, and fellow internet journalists whether such submissions are done confidentially, anonymously, or without restriction.  ...
40. Robert S. Mueller
... “robber barons” of the Industrial Age cheated each other, their competitors, and their consumers. During Prohibition, public officials who decried the vices of liquor by day were bootlegging by night. ...
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