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21. Romney "in Play"
... complaints permit a plaintiff to become a “Private Attorney General” to address issues of “Prosecutorial Gaps”. Plaintiff Laser Haas claims that such prosecution gaps exist. The litigant alleges the former ...
22. Fake Chance
... under the asses of anyone who can help you fight back. Be it your Counsel, the Attorney General Bill Schuette, the Governor, or by empowering your unions and fellow workers with the information that they ...
23. Workers' Jeopardy
... prevention will be worth a pound of cure, assuming that a cure is available if Jones Day is allowed to get their way.  Here are some of the important parties: General Retirement System of the City of ...
24. Bill Schuette
Important Updates 2014 Bill Schuette's Scienter on Detroit Bill Schuette's Silly Bragging about $200 crooks, while $200 Million organized crime families flourish under his pointy nose - a scathing commentary ...
25. Detroit In Play
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
... that the Attorney General for the State of Michigan has thrown his own hat into the ring. At this point, we can only hope that Bill will turn out to be man enough for it all. You can track Billy D's foray ...
26. Eric Holder
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
During the last 100 years, the U.S. Attorney General who has best exemplified the machinations of our Department of Justice is non other than Eric Holder. Wake Up and Smell the Self Serving Implementation ...
27. Silicon Graphics
... before the SGI bankruptcy on April 1, 2009. As referenced in my Emergency Motion filed April 9, 2009, In House General Counsel for Debtors SGI Evelyn Ramirez was expressly placed on notice of the ...
28. Cover-Up Unraveling
... now?), the election day weapon wielding Black Panther cover-up, as well what The New York Times called "a mass firing of federal prosecutors" by attorney general Alberto R. Gonzales. So let's wait and ...
29. Innocent's Imperative
... with blinders on or for the intention of quid pro quo. You need to make sure that the General American Mutual acts are fully investigated, with a particular emphasis on the apparent hush money agreement ...
30. JP Morgan Culpability
... at the allegations presented by sworn officers of the Court in the General American Mutual matter, it would seem that Dewey LeBoeuf was very much interested in favoring their "associated enterprises" over ...
31. Greatest Conflict Yet
... line $ 80 200 Million pension liability Estimated by Fed's PBGC $125 Million private placement $ ?? General American Mutual hush money $ ?? WARN Act liability $ 39 Amounts owed vendors and ...
32. ex post Dewey
... against Dewey LeBoeuf stemming from General American Mutual. Just Imagine that a figurative fire is lit somewhere under somebody's derriere in the State Of Missouri which compels action against the lawyers ...
33. Seeking Viability
... of Steven Davis was triggered by informartion from a number of partners of the law firm. Furthermore, as described in our ex post Dewey page, we believe that the General American Mutual conduct led to ...
34. Dewey Connect The Dots
... to measure firm revenue than those used in general budget calculations. "They're just not comparable numbers," Mr. Shutran said. "That's something people like to pick on." Remember when Eliot Spitzer ...
35. Dewey LeBoeuf Questions
... commentators on the possible criminal ramifications which may confront the firm resulting from their alleged conduct as was sworn in the General American Mutual lawsuit. But who are we to pontificate ...
36. Entities
...  The individuals include bankruptcy lawyers, bankruptcy professionals, liquidators, hedge fund managers (such as Mitt Romney), and government lawyers. This top level page will describe generally the organizations ...
37. Dewey LeBoeuf: Viability
... may form a useful template for capturing valuation and risk vectors not commonly considered by general corporate finance theory methodologies. BankruptcyMisconduct will identify categories of risk ...
38. Bingham McCutchen: Viability
... which to the detriment of any potential merger, are "sticky". Stigma associated with one firm generally transfers to its merger partner in the minds of potential clients, insurers, self-regulatory entities ...
39. Solyndra
... counsel like in Aureal? Political quid pro quo payoffs to supporters like in General Motors? Green chic political pets of presidents are just as selfish with offshore tax havens like with Solyndra (Cayman) ...
40. Revolving Door Feds
... Spitzer former NY Attorney General and Governor.) Yes, Virginia, there is a Revolving Door   SEC and DOJ lawyers work within a corrupted system.  The corruption is the sinister link between government ...
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