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61. Roberta DeAngelis "in play"
... it suits her; though her new found clerk job gives more security in MNAT's criminal pursuits and protection by others than yourselves. But let me provide a memory refresh of the crimes and betrayal ...
62. Prosecutorial Discretion
63. Illegal Grant of Immunity
... here the simple fraud, the obvious crime, and the series of steps taken by government lawyers to cover up the crimes. This includes an illegal, unauthorized grant of immunity by rogue government lawyers ...
64. Andrew Cuomo
... his protection of law firms engaging in bankruptcy crimes. Andrew Cuomo was mentioned therein with the hope that admitted death threat advice from a lawyer to a client would logically result in appropriate ...
65. Eliot Spitzer
BankruptcyMisconduct.com has a number of articles that mention Eliot Spitzer, Esq. - the short lived Governor of New York State and one time presumed air to the presidency of the U.S.A. Eliot is mentioned ...
66. The Second Fraud
A Ponzipalooza BankruptcyMisconduct.com applauds this documentary which explicitly describes judicial corruption in our bankruptcy courts involving The Peters Company bankruptcy case - a Ponzi scheme ...
67. Leslie Fay
The Leslie Fay Companies, et al. USBC Southern District of New York No. 93-B-41724(TLB) The Leslie Fay crimes involve the former Bear Stearns and the most powerful bankruptcy enterprise in the nation. ...
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