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61. Judge, Hide More
... e who have engaged in conflicts of interest." New readers of BankruptcyMisconduct may not know about the featured cover up order which sullied Smelly Kelly Stapleton which we called "Judge, Hide This ...
62. Jones Day's Demise Wish
63. Workers' Jeopardy
BankruptcyMisconduct will focus here on the people and organizations who are normally empowered with the responsibility to look out for the best interests of the people who devoted their careers to the ...
64. Schuette's Detroit Scienter
65. Bill Schuette
66. Jones Day Swallows Slop
To Understand what BankruptcyMisconduct means when we describe Jones Day as swallowing sloppy thirds slop, you must first read how we presciently described Bruce Bennett and his dirty bankruptcy team as ...
67. Detroit In Play
(Frontpage Content/Frontpage)
Update 2014 BankruptcyMisconduct is once again shown to be clairvoyant. Traditional media are picking up on the inherent Conflict Of Interest issue involving Jones Day and the Detroit Bankruptcy case. ...
68. Teflon Jon
... sible for MF Global's misuse of customer money. Readers of BankruptcyMisconduct should take heart in knowing that there exist some Feds that can figure out the villains behind the outrageous crime  ...
69. Eric Holder
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... of Justice Regular readers of BankruptcyMisconduct have long known that the DOJ is saddled with an inner cadre of oath violating posers - government lawyers whose true loyalties lie with their compatriots ...
70. Cases
BankruptcyMisconduct.com has been directing the public's attention to peculiar circumstances in a number of bankruptcy cases. These cases are exemplary in their demonstration of the need for a closer scrutiny ...
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